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El Paso is a vibrant city with a long-standing reputation of sports promotions and activities. The El Paso Parks and Recreation Department manages many sports centers and athletic fields throughout the city of El Paso, and they do it in their attempt to encourage young boys and girls, as well as adults, to stay fit.

Gymnastics in El Paso

Along with City Government, there are also private athletic organizations in El Paso that encourage kids and teenagers to stay fit. These private clubs offer programs ranging from football, baseball, basketball and track. Gymnastics is another good example, and it's a sport that has grown enormously in popularity over recent decades. Many gymnastics clubs are well-established and have been flourishing for many years as fully-functioning and modern gymnasiums.


El Paso has consistent year-round events that involve gymnastics and gymnastics related activities. They often include tumbling, cheer, circus and dance. Hybrid events sometimes combine these styles with gymnastics to create exciting shows that are suitable for the entire family. They can be hosted in venue arrangements that include expos, award ceremonies and tribute shows. Sometimes these and other events take place in the same location as the training, such as a gymnasium, while others take place in arenas that have large seating capacities suitable for spectator viewing. A few such arenas are sports complexes, sports stadiums, multi-purpose convention centers, and high school gyms.

Gymnastics Locations

Gymnastics in El Paso has many clubs scattered throughout the city. Locations of gymnastics El Paso include far west, far east, central and northeast areas. El Paso is a growing city, and athletic participants seems to be growing at a steady pace. If you are new to El Paso, you can find information about gymnastics and other sports in reference to the following:

El Paso has a strong tradition of encouraging it's youth to stay active in sports. If you are a parent who has a child interested in participating in sports, call the El Paso Parks & Recreation at 1-915-534-0254 for information on dates and location for registration.

El Paso

U.S. job-seekers who are willing to consider relocating to a different city do not often consider El Paso as a hotbed of job opportunities. Although El Paso does not have a strong IT industry, there is a good manufacturing base here, and it's also a great place to start a small family owned business. Gyms are a good example, as there are many family owned and operated facilities that offer fitness programs.

It's understandable as to why non-El Paso natives don't appreciate El Paso for it's real value and hidden treasures, either because they are here for the first time or their prior experiences with El Paso were very brief. Outsiders come in many forms and are here for many reasons, but unfortunately, most are not here long enough to really appreciate El Paso's beauty.


The majority of soldiers stationed at Ft Bliss and are not home-grown El Pasoans and are only here for a short 2-4 year period before they relocate back to their home state. Motorists and truckers traveling straight through I-10 can easily travel all the way through El Paso in about an hour and miss all of what El Paso has to offer. Mexican nationals migrating here from south of the border may stay for a while, but some eventually decide to move north to other States. Foreign athletes competing on a collegiate level at UTEP finish their credit requirements for graduation and then move back home, either to other states or overseas.

Current residents of El Paso who were born here, as well as long-standing residents who have chosen to make El Paso their permanent home, can appreciate El Paso for its mountains, military, schools and sports. Although El Paso is a community just like other communities in the Lone Star State, it has a spirit that can only be experienced by those living in a little town nestled in the far corner of West Texas. And for those who have chosen to make El Paso their final destination, they did it for good reason, as El Paso has played a defining role in the past century that has shaped the Lone Star State into what it is today - a beautiful, unique and lively Texas city.

State & National Titles

The accomplishments of coaches and athletes in El Paso has been at least equal to, if not higher than, surrounding Texas cities. Do you remember the 1976 Eastwood Troopers?,. the 1976 Coronado Thunderbirds?,. the 2014 Canutillo Eagles?,. and for those who are old enough to remember, the 1949 Bowie Bears baseball team. At the college level there were the 1966 UTEP Miners Basketball as the NCAA champions, the 1991 UTEP Miners football team at the 1988 Independence Bowl and the 1981 NCAA Champion UTEP Miner Cross Country team (Division I).

Team Levels

Gymnastics is a sport that has been around longer than most sports, dating back thousands of years. The sport is a team sport but has evolved into what is perceived today as an individual sport. Although gymnastics may not be the first sport that comes to mind when thinking about team spots, gymnastics focuses on the individual efforts of each gymnast and their level skill contributing to the overall team point level. Each gymnast competes individually to earn a score, then all the gymnasts scores from the same team are combined to get a team score.

El Paso Gymnastics

El Paso is an energetic town that is capable of regularly hosting events in large venues such as the County Coliseum, UTEP Special Events Center, Downtown baseball stadium and the Sun Bowl. Throughout the El Paso County, there are several gymnasiums of various sizes that can easily host all three primary types of gymnastic competitions: artistic, rhythmic and acrobatic. The IGC Club is an Olympic-size facility that can accommodate regular training classes as well as competition.

Gymnastics - Estimating Future Trends

The competitive effort made by gymnasts, trainers, organizers and supporters has always been strong in El Paso. It is estimated that local gymnastics events will continue to produce good turnouts, and athletes of all sports including gymnastics will continue to be very strong as El Paso continues to grow and develop.

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