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It's obvious that children have lots of energy, as they're constantly moving around and getting themselves into trouble. If you're thinking about enrolling your kids in a tumbling class, then consider IGC. We have everything here to accommodate your little rascals to perform all the crazy motions that kids make. Our tumbling classes have the basic equipment needed in order to keep them "out" of trouble, and into a positive routine. Yes, they'll have everything they need to safely jump, climb, hop and roll around in all different directions. We can accommodate them with all the basic movements and help to shape and mold them into young tumblers.

Tumbling Classes & Lessons

We give every child the opportunity to explore and learn a variety of tumbling activities. Every child learns at different rates, so tumbling practice plans are designed to allow each student to develop tumbling skills at their own pace in a safe and motivating environment. Tumbling lessons in El Paso are offered at IGC for all young boys and girls.

What is Tumbling?

Tumbling refers to acrobatic skills that turn the body in different directions such as basic flips, rolls and cartwheels. They are performed without any equipment other than a soft surface that is designed for tumbling movements. As a competitive sport, modern tumbling uses advanced surfaces and, at the highest levels, involves twisting movements as well as combinations of double and triple flipping.

In the sport of power tumbling, athletes use a tumbling runway 85 feet long and 5 feet wide that ends in an 8" to 16" inch thick landing mat. Most often, the runway consists of a double layer of dense foam over fiberglass rods laid horizontally to allow maximum spring.

Parent Viewing Areas

Our Gymnasium center includes two separate gym areas with foam-filled pits, running floors, specialized tumbling areas, and tumbling equipment. Parents watch their kids have fun from their own viewing area. The viewing area allows parents to sit and watch their children through a large glass window, and is close enough for parents to watch their children learn all aspects of tumbling. The children can see their parents too. Our facility allows us to teach tumbling in a safe and fun environment with plenty of space to run around.


Yes, kids burn a lot of energy. So we provide snacks for the kids to get refueled and energized. We also make sure they are well hydrated. Tumbling classes take a lot of physical energy to perform, so we want to convert a child's energy into positive energy, and that means healthy snacks to get them out on the mat. The positive energy that's created by our overall curriculum is designed to increase their drive and focus, and direct them in a positive direction early in life.

Tumbling Regulations

We follow all safety rules and regulations for tumbling.

Tumbling as Preparation

Tumbling class may be where your child will start and stop. Not every child will progress and move into further tumbling activities and gymnastics. Nonetheless, tumbling is loads of fun and is a good preparatory activity that will get your child ready for other activities. Tumbling helps to develop physical aspects that will carry over into other sports, as well as developing skills they will need to meet challenges in their early stages of life. Read the 20 reasons why your child will benefit from tumbling instruction.

Tumbling in Cheer

Tumbling aspects cross over into other activities, and one such activity is cheerleading. Not all cheerleading competitions have score sheets that award separate points for tumbling, however, some do in fact include them and consider them differently. Tumbling points can sometimes be earned in several different categories, and when considering the discretionary points that you're allowed from tumbling difficulty it can be up to 25% of the possible points from tumbling difficulty.

Kids will be kids!

No matter what you do, kids will be kids, and what better way to let kids act like kids than on a tumbling mat. They'll be free to run, flip, jump, and of course,. tumble! Although young children must be free to express themselves, their lessons must be set up in a structured way in order to teach them values that will help them throughout their lives. Basically, tumbling is set up so that kids can learn in a controlled environment and have fun at the same time.

Tumbling isn't for every child. Before enrollment, your child should be taught a little bit about what to expect. Although it's all just for fun in the beginning, there are higher gymnastics programs for those who want to progress to the next level. Ultimately however, it's really up to the kids, and they will be allowed advance at their own pace. So even if they don't advance any higher, they will at least have the opportunity to make some new friends.

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We offer tumbling classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced. We have 5 tumbling areas for spring and non-spring floor (42' x 54' cheer size). Our new building is 30' high. Visit our schedule page, or call the office for more information. Join the IGC Tumbling Program today!...

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