Boys Gymnastics Classes

Boys gymnastics is a difficult sport that combines strength and agility. It requires a male gymnast to become dedicated to regular gymnastics classes in order to achieve a higher level of performance and positive results. The impact of these results help to develop the bodies and minds of young boys and also to stay committed while growing up.

Although our trainers will require each gymnast to attend class lessons on a regular basis, our main goal is to provide a productive environment for gymnastics training while having fun. Both young boys and teens are welcomed to come train at IGC, whether to compete on higher levels, or just to have fun on the mat and participate in IGC shows.


IGC provides the opportunity to compete in a number of boys gymnastics shows and events that include:

  • Floor Exercise
  • Horizontal Bar
  • Parallel Bars
  • Pommel Horse
  • Rings
  • Vault

Levels of Boys Gymnastics

The levels of boys gymnastics offered at IGC are the building blocks of our various programs. Because gymnastics is difficult to perform, dedication and discipline are required to attain higher levels of performance. We want every young boy to have the opportunity to advance to the next level, and at the same time to understand that positive results come from hard work and discipline.

Overall, our gymnastics program is designed to emphasize strong fundamentals of boys gymnastics while also having fun. We want to prepare young athletes for the training that will be needed in order to perform in front of a small casual audience, or in a competitive event with a larger audience.


Our male and female trainers are chosen very carefully, and we do this to create an environment of discipline and safety. Young members are only allowed to advance through a set ordered program levels based on decisions made by qualified personnel. There are no shortcuts in the duration of time it takes to complete the program levels and the evaluation process is slow and deliberate. The decisions that are made after evaluating the young gymnast are based on the visible improvement of progressions involving attitude, desire, strength and flexibility. Guiding the young gymnast for steady improvement along a timeline of conditioning events is what we believe to be vital for long-term success.

For boys, and also for girls, it may be a matter of building some confidence in order to overcome fear. Children who learn to do a basic cartwheel might overcome fear at a younger age and thus grow-up feeling more self-confident. Another benefit might include actively encouraging a young boy to be mindful of healthy eating and sleeping habits.

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