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It's all about fun at infinity Gymnastics Club. Yes, that's the way it should be! And for those who are a bit more serious, we've got a plan for you too. But regardless of who you are, you will have fun learning gymnastics skills for all the standard routines.

If that sounds just a little intimadating for the younger children, there's no worries because they will have fun running, jumping, making some noise, and enjoying some snacks. But for those who have higher aspirations of competition, they will be under the guidance of professional trainers that will teach them bars, beam, floor, vault and more.

We welcome all parents and their children to Infinity Gymnastics Club of El Paso. We know that you will find the environment in our gymnastics family to be beneficial to the overall development of your child. Our mission is to improve the physical skills and psychological capabilities of each student in a positive and safe learning environment.

Gymnastics Training - Safety Certified Trainers

The coaches and trainers at Infinity Gymnastics Club are formally trained to teach the sport of gymnastics in El Paso. They are certified by USA Gymnastics and follow the guidelines set forth by the United States of America Gymnastics (USAG). We adhere to a high level of performance requirements for workouts, level promotions and events.

IGC Club

IGC Club - Programs

Infinity Gymnastics Club in El Paso is a gymnastics club for boys and girls 4 years and older. We have been a leader in gymnastics and tumbling instruction for El Paso since 2001. The IGC facility offers official size equipment for young adults, teens and preschool size. Infinity Gymnastics Club has produced Texas State Regional and National Champions.

We welcome all boys and girls to come join us at Infinity Gymnastics Club in El Paso.

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Full-Size Training Facility

Our building is a newly remodeled full-size training facility that features every modern version of equipment needed for competitive training in gymnastics. The floor space is large enough for floor routine, runways, tumble track, vault, rings, pommel horse, high bars and parallel bars.

Smaller sized versions for most of the standard training equipment is available for young children. All gymnasts are closely supervised by the owners, trainers and staff. Our facility also includes restrooms, snack area, guest area and spacious parking lot.

IGC supports all boys and girls in El Paso who want to become gymnasts. We welcome all children and aspiring athletes to come visit our gym and have fun. Regardless of who you are, whether you're an advanced gymnast, or just someone who wants to improve their level of physical fitness, we want to be your home for fun and exercise.

Our competitive programs offer gymnastics what they need to develop in order to compete in local and out-of-town competitions, tournaments and championship levels. We teach young gymnasts values such as strength, discipline, flexibility, coordination and teamwork.


You are welcome to enroll for any gymnastics routine that you would like, floor routine, balance beam, bars, rings, we have it all. Enrollment for gymnastics classes is available during our regular business hours, or just come by our location.

Who Can Join IGC?

Infinity Gymnastics Club is for kids (preschoolers and kindergartners) as well as younger and older adults.

  • Children - The most important aspect to keep in mind with very young children in gymnastics is assuring that they laugh and have fun. We want parents to see their kids having a great time and making friends. However, we will assess how fast the progress from just running around laughing to jumping, spinning and doing cartwheels. As time progresses, their environment will slowly become more disciplined and structured.
  • Teens and Adults - Teens and adults are welcome to come and join our IGC family. During our time in El Paso, we have enjoyed a large variety of boys, girls, men and women who have become members.
  • Aspiring Olympians - Gymnasts are among the strongest of all the Olympic athletes. Just think about what they do for a second, as they hold themselves in unnatural positions for long periods of time, propelling through the air while twisting and turning at the same time, using rings and bars, jumping very high from a standing position, and then coming down hard on the ground. When you consider all those amazing things they do, you know you're watching an athlete that is seriously strong, maybe even close to superhuman. Gymnastics will get your overall body strength and power like no other workout can do. We are not promising that you will be ready to compete on an Olympic level, but if you have Olympic aspirations then Infinity Gymnastics Club is a good place to start.
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Gymnastics helps you to increase confidence and overcome fear..

When there's an experienced trainer nearby, or your friends are watching, you're going to be a little nervous, and maybe even scared. But the first time you successfully perform a handstand, backbend or cartwheel, you'll realize what the incredible sport of gymnastics is doing for you. What you previously thought to be an impossible task is now something that you are getting good at, and it's exciting! Not only does it make you more confident and less fearful, it can also help you in other aspects of your life.

No matter how old you are, or how old your kids are, anyone is welcomed to join Infinity Gymnastics Club and learn the sport of gymnastics. From very young kids to older adults, we welcome you to come meet us. From general conditioning to advanced flexibility and coordination, IGC has something for everybody. And please make a note of our open gym schedule, as we are available for a free one-day trial for those who would like to come by and see what Infinity Gymnastics Club is all about.

Toddler Gymnastics Classes

Toddler Gymnastics Classes

Toddlers are at a good age to start various activities that involve interacting in groups. Our gymnastics group programs for young children are specifically designed with high-energy toddlers in mind. Classes are open for parent and child. We focus on promoting early development and provide a strong foundation for children to bond with their parents by celebrating the early years.

IGC's toddler programs are fun-based learning classes and are great for parents to come together with their kids and learn to have fun playing together in groups. Gymnastics, music and snacks are provided. If you have a toddler, look for our programs and special activities specifically designed with toddlers in mind. Seasonal activities are also offered.

Come visit us..

We welcome you to come meet owner Jaime Ojeda and his wife Gina, as well as the coaching staff at IGC. We are located at 1401 Pendale Rd, El Paso, TX, 79936 in El Paso Texas.

(915) 594-7223

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