Girls Gymnastics Classes

Girls Gymnastics

Young ladies who aspire to be athletes tend to be organized and disciplined. However, not just because they are born that way, but because they are the type of girls who would rather prioritize their responsibilities at home so they can have more time to flip, run, tumble, and twirl,. and what kind of girl would rather get her chores out of the way instead of talking on the phone or watching TV?.. A GYMNAST!


We have a great program for aspiring female athletes to learn the artistic and disciplined sport of gymnastics. We offer gymnastics classes that are well-suited for experienced gymnasts as well as young ladies with no experience at all. Our conditioning classes are varied and intended to keep the training interesting so the gymnast will stay focused and attentive. Focused conditioning is especially emphasized for the younger members. A broad category of conditioning methods will eventually prepare the gymnast for the demands of floor, bar, vaulting and balancing motions.


All classes begin with a warm up that are intended to develop a sport-specific base for gymnastics involving strength, power and flexibility. By developing this base, injuries can be avoided and proper technique can be coached and acquired more easily. The warm-up routine involves simple procedures to increase circulation and designated stretching movements to prepare the muscles to match movements that are specific to the sport of gymnastics. These are required exercises by our gymnastics El Paso programs.

Gymnastics Clothing For Girls

Leotards - Gymnastics leotards typically come in two cuts - tank and long sleeve. Tank leotards are preferable for practice, while long sleeves are ideal for performances and competitions. Gymnastics leotards are designed to fit tight because loose garments can easily get caught on equipment.

Patterns - Gymnastics apparel tend to be designed with bright colors and fancy patterns. Patterns that are worn during competition are generally sparkly with costume jewelry, rhinestones or glitter. Others might also have a colored stripe or strap pattern. Certain competitions and events may require a more conservative approach and ask for soft, classical colors like solid black, white or pink. If the event is a competition or championship, uniform patterns should match and be the same for all the girls.

Materials - Gymnastics clothes are usually made from a blend of materials like cotton, polyester, spandex or nylon. They typically have a higher percentage of spandex Girls Gymnastics to provide additional stretch for the demanding movements in gymnastics.

Shorts - Gymnastics apparel doesn't necessarily have to include the traditional formal wear that's seen on television. During a typical gymnastic lesson, it's only important to consider basic designs as being necessary for comfort and safety. Casual shorts are ok, as long as they are shorts that have a good fit and move with the gymnast. Matching shorts and shirt is a good start, and the shirt should have a high neckline.

Girls Gymnastics Bar

The skill level of a gymnast is important when deciding what bar to begin with. Young beginners are sometimes started with a Junior Kip Barr. This level of bar will help them train for their kips which is the most important skill a gymnast will ever learn on bars. A Junior Kip Bar will also help them to prepare for other skills such as back hip circles which are sometimes performed in combination with a cast.

The girls are grouped together based on skill, ability and age. Emphasis is based on the formal introduction to the bars, beam, vault and floor exercises. Our classes are constructed in a way to motivate young female gymnasts in a fun environment with the primary emphasis on safety and proper training. Our trainers are safety certified and teach methods of physical growth combined with careful supervision to prevent injury.

Advanced Levels

We offer certain levels of girls developmental gymnastics. These programs are designed for girls who have a desire to eventually move into our competitive program. Entry into this program is based on an assessment and/or recommendation from our team coaches. As the female gymnast becomes more seasoned, she will add more skills to her skill-set and move on to more advanced movements for each of the specified events. These will only be scheduled for the progressing gymnast who has shown a solid foundation built from earlier levels. Emphasis is placed on skills such as back handsprings and walk over's. The beam is one of the activities we use for these classes to help improve body control and balance.

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