Gymnastics teams in El Paso are forming now. IGC is accepting new members to join our girls and boys teams. IGC focuses on the development of skills needed to compete on a team gymnastics level. Advanced gymnastics skills are emphasized, as well as teaching the responsibility of being a proactive team member.

Team Program

IGC believes that gymnastics is a fun, yet challenging sport. We encourage anyone who is willing to accept the responsibility of participating on a team level to join our team gymnastics program. You are welcomed to train with the team, and later if you decide to participate by becoming a member of the competitive team, we will encourage and support your decision to do so. There are benefits to both competitive and non-competitive gymnastics, as boys and girls will have the opportunity to participate in a team environment if that's their main desire.

The IGC approach involves giving kids and teens the opportunity to train and compete in a group that is appropriate to their skill level. We will decide the number of hours they should train according to ability, age and willingness to learn.

Team Member Evaluations

We conduct evaluations to determine the best team placement for kids interested in joining our gymnastics team program. If you're a parent who wants to schedule an individual appointment for your child, we will be happy to evaluate and recommend a team placement.


If your child wants to transfer from your current gym to our team program, feel free to simply contact us here and an IGC representative will respond soon.

Boys Gymnastics
Girls Gymnastics

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