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IGC realizes that Covid-19 has forced us all to make lifestyle changes. Until things get back to normal, we want to encourage you to keep training while you are at home. A regular routine at home is important because it will help you avoid injuries and prepare you to get back into your regular training once classes resume.


We know that our current students were dedicated to a regular routine of gymnastics supervision befor the crisis. However, during the crisis, your regular training routine is now on hold with nobody around to supervise and encourage you. So we've created some videos that are intended to replace your regular training at the gym with a workout schedule at home.


Since gymnastics is a sport that requires a high level of skill, it is vitally important to train with consistency, even during down times. Consistency is the key to improving your accuracy and coordination. Although our video will not replace the supervision of a live coach, it will indeed help to maintain your general health and keep you sharp. It will also help to maintain your strength and agility.

Important Principles

Our video will take you through some basic principles specifically designed to help a gymnastics athlete stay in shape. They can be modified and adapted based on the skill level of the gymnast.

⚝ Children should ask their parents for supervision at all times during a private workout at your home.

Keep in Touch

We would like to encourage all gymnasts to follow our video exercises during the pandemic. The videos were created for current students, as well as new students, to exercise at home. We will be adding new videos in the near future and encourage you to visit this page on a regular basis.


We are confident that you will benefit by following our "workout at home" videos. For more workout plans, visit

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