Bounce Gymnastics

Bounce gymnastics offers fun and fantastic classes for circus acrobatics for all ages! All young and aspiring boys and girls are welcomed to join in on one or many of our fun classes! All of our instructors are patient, and will ensure you're little one is being safe and having fun at the same time.

Circus Days Gymnastics Camp

Come join in all the circus acts including trapeze, lyra, silks, tight rope, acrobatics, dance, balancing acts, and a whole lotta clowning around (the most fun you can have without getting into trouble). We're also planning a music and light show.

Circus Days focuses on the development of motor skills, jumping and bouncing skills, playground-style movements, as well as helping to develop social and interactive skills.

Dress up!

Come dressed up with a costume if you want and get ready for some fantastic fun. Parents should encourage kids to dress nice, but a little freaky. The kids should get the attention of spectators, as well as themselves. Yes, you are going to make yourself laugh and have fun like a bunch of crazy clowns in a three-ring circus. That means acting silly, funny and playful, and showing off that playful side pretend like the spotlight is on you. The rest of the time,. lounging around, eat snacks and make lots of circus friends.

"Kids don't need a special reason to stand out. After all, their only kids, right? A special occasion like Circus Days just gives them a reason to stand out a little more., and all it takes is one special piece of apparel, a little makeup, a smile, and Circus Days at IGC!"

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