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Becoming a member of a gymnastics team has always appealed to older boys, but for younger boys, it's a new experience and a chance to improve their strength and flexibility. It's also an exciting challenge to go to the next level. Regardless of the beginning age of new members, we promote and encourage each and every member of our boys gymnastics team to learn and have fun in a safe learning environment. Each boy will be given the opportunity to achieve his highest potential in the sport of gymnastics.

Additionally, we encourage the young male gymnast to commit himself to consistent workouts. With consistent attendance to the workout schedule, the gymnast will develop a strong self-image and a sense of placement, thus gradually increasing his awareness of his role on the boys team. Contributing to a team effort is important to us because it creates a team spirit that is unique to the Infinity experience.


The levels of gymnastics offered at Infinity Gymnastics Club are the building blocks of our various boys team programs. The purpose of the program is to prepare all boys for future competition by emphasizing strong fundamentals of gymnastics. The boys are closely supervised and monitored for their level of improvement of strength and flexibility.

Promotions to higher levels are progressive in nature and build upon the skills developed at the previous level. The routines are compulsory and are designed to enhance physical skills needed for training safely under more difficult conditions. The gymnast is required to fulfill level specific requirements in order to enable structured team competition. Competitive opportunities are provided both locally and out of state with the regular season reaching its highest competitive level at the state meet.

Boys Competition

At the boys team level, gymnastics is a demanding sport that requires a strong commitment from each of its members. A fully committted gymnast will dedicate himself to the time and energy that is required to reach a fitness level that will enable him to excel and be part of a winning team. Competitive team gymnastics also requires an aspiring male gymnast to make sacrifices at home in order to have more time in the gym. Each and every team member must understand that gymnastics is a unique sport that requires its members to follow a prescribed regimen in the gym, as well as practicing positive life principles at home.


If you are a parent, please come out and support our boys gymnastics team. We will feature a team with many new and exciting faces this season. Check out our schedule and make sure you take time to come watch our boys gymnastics team. We look forward to seeing you here as a dedicated supporter of the boys team at Infinity Gymnastics Club.

"Each male athlete must do his part, creating a positive team spirit that will inspire his team to win as a whole!"

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